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Posted on: September 12, 2008 6:14 pm
Edited on: September 12, 2008 7:08 pm

Brett Favre, John Elway or Barry Sanders

<p>My kids started playing Pop Warner this year. Neither have played organised football before. The eldest was always playimg baseball, the youngest was too young to play. As I sat (or more honestly prowled) the sidelines I realized that the majority of dads wanted to go out and play again. I talked to several who'd played high school and junior college sports and they said how much they miss it, and that they'd start playing again in a second.</p>

<p>I was fortunate to play football in England for about four years (and I don't mean soccer, although I did play that as well) and stopped when we moved over here. Football appeals to me - from the complexity of the game to the stats that are kept, from hitting and getting hit and waking up on a Monday (we played Sunday afternoons) barely able to move, it is something that I miss to this day. I gave it up fro the right reasons (family), but harbor hopes that my kids will get to go back and play for Dad's team in the UK, but just be bigger and better coached, more athletic and just better. Whether that happens is not the point.</p>

<p>I was thinking after the retirement fiasco of Brett Favre and how hard he found it to give up and see similarities with my kids now. I don't expect pro careers out of either of them, but if they did get to play at thehighest level, at Favre's age they'd have played for over 2/3rds of their lives, and I can imagine how big a hole that must leave when they'd quit. It's the same for anything that you've done for a long while - changing jobs, moving houses or countries, divorce etc. There must be an individual process that you go through and I wonder if I, or from a football perspective, my boys would be more like  Favre ( never lose the love of the game), Sanders (walked away when they were ready), Elway (going out on top) or Ricky Williams - kicked out and let back in.</p>

<p>And what about Vince Young, or Daunte Culpepper - one who may have lost the love of the game, and one who couldn't find a job, no matter how he tried. Our school program folded this year through a lack of players. These kids played for 2 years only. Even before that, one boy had too many concussions and cried for days when he was told he wasn't allowed to play anymore.</p>

<p>In 32 years, we may know the answer. I don't know if they'll play next year or until they just can't anymore, but I know I miss playing the game. Hopefully, they won't end up stalking the sidelines desperate to get back on the field with their kids. I guess we never start anything thinking about how it will end, but we end up as either Favre, Sanders, or hopefully John Elway. I pray they don't end up like Joe Theismann</p>

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