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Posted on: April 15, 2008 5:45 pm
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The Death Penalty and Euthanasia

This has nothing to do with sports but rather how we react as human beings. I was wasting time on at work again and found this article:




The gist of it is Louisiana is trying to put to death an inmate for the rape of a child. In itself, a heinous crime, but the issue of the article is that the Death Penalty has primarily been used in cases of murder. Coming from the UK where the Death Penalty is not a form of punishment that is available, I have some reservations with this form of punishment. In the UK, the reason the Death Penalty is no longer used is that the last person executed was later found innocent and this I think is the most compelling argument with it.

Coincidentally, Amnesty International issued the latest list of leading executioners today as well with the US ranked fifth in the world.


I am not a member of Amnesty, nor do I expect to be, although I had exposure to one of their programs where you write to Death Row inmates and provide human contact. In this case, the prisoner (who has now been executed) committed his crime in his teens and the justice system subsequently followed due course and he was executed several years later.

As a Christian, we read about forgiveness and also the "eye for an eye" and the rules or system for handling a murderer - basically find them guilty and kill them (Deuteronomy) and as such I think you have to use your own judgement as opposed to the exact wording in the bible.

I also have a problem with the expense of the numerous trials and appeals that we have to go through to secure these convictions. The time and money spent on these cases I think could be better spent on many other things - health and education to start with. I also don't like the possibility of avoiding jail time or conviction due to technicality nor do I like the fact that every appeal is another time that the convicted murderer/rapist can have their hopes raised only to have them thrown out again.

Another concern is the racial and economic bias in conviction rates. I don't think the justice system is that fair to allow such a final punishment.

These people deserve to be punished, that is not the question, but rather how? If life and solitary confinement actually meant life and solitary confinement, then I think that would be more suitable. By avoiding the Death Penalty, you have the possibility of actually releasing someone wrongly convicted, but by totally and permanently removing their contact from other people you can in effect remove them from everyday life.


On a similar thread, a possible cure for cancer was posted today b y the BOng SHow but I cannot find it right now.

In it, the potential discoverer of the cure is not allowed to try the cure because it is not approved. Why is the state allowed to kill people, but you're not allowed to ask someone to do it for you?


Any thoughts

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