Posted on: April 6, 2011 1:18 pm

I'm a hater

I'm not a sports junkie, but I'm pretty close. Whenever the TV is available and I have time I will migrate to some sports channel to watch pretty much anything. I have some favorite teams but when I have no interest in the teams playing, I always end up favoring one fo them over the other for no real reason. This view then tends to jaundice my view for the rest of the game, match, whatever.

Now I have a few favorite hates - Arsenal, Jimmie Johnson, Denver Broncos, Michigan State, but always end up hating one of the two teams. For example, UConn vs Kentucky in the Final Four. Dont have any interest in either team, but got ticked that Kentucky lost. Now, UConn beat Butler who beat Michigan State last year, so I now wish UConn lose every game.

I do support some teams, Tottenham, U of M, the Packers, but tend to root against teams rather than for their opponent. I have no idea what this says about me, but I'm positive it's not good, it probably kills my blood pressure, but it's never dull when the TV is tuned to sports.

Tonight, I think there may be a baseball game on to watch, if it's not the Brewers, I wonder who I will hate by 10.00pm.
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