Posted on: January 10, 2012 10:14 pm

How many hypocrites?

Last night, we saw a dominating display of defense from Alabama to crush the no 1 team in the nation. This morning, instead of reading about how great they were, we were given a bunch of articles and comments about how the Crimson Tide didn't even win their conference so how can they be the best team in the nation.

Using the same logic, no non division winner should be allowed to win a title game - no more Packer and Steeler superbowl wins from recent past, no Mavericks NBA title from last year and the list gets longer and longer.

So why is it OK for a non division winner to win in the professional game, but in the college world everybody just complains. Face up to it, it's completely hypocritical, and before you bang on about repeat matchups, the Packers played the Bears three times last year and the Falcons twice, rematches happen, deal with it. Now stop complaining and enjoy a game that was won with defense for a change because I doubt the NFL playoffs will provide one.

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