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How many hypocrites?

Last night, we saw a dominating display of defense from Alabama to crush the no 1 team in the nation. This morning, instead of reading about how great they were, we were given a bunch of articles and comments about how the Crimson Tide didn't even win their conference so how can they be the best team in the nation.

Using the same logic, no non division winner should be allowed to win a title game - no more Packer and Steeler superbowl wins from recent past, no Mavericks NBA title from last year and the list gets longer and longer.

So why is it OK for a non division winner to win in the professional game, but in the college world everybody just complains. Face up to it, it's completely hypocritical, and before you bang on about repeat matchups, the Packers played the Bears three times last year and the Falcons twice, rematches happen, deal with it. Now stop complaining and enjoy a game that was won with defense for a change because I doubt the NFL playoffs will provide one.

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Posted on: January 7, 2010 11:36 am
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Why qualifying for the playoffs is overrated

OK, so the playoffs are here. Big whoop. Jets fans are excited because they made it, Packers fans are excited because they've already beaten Arizona once and Prisco reckons they are a surprise team. Cowboys fans are excited because they may win a playoff game. About the only guy that isn't excited is Belichick cos Welker got hurt.

As for me, I don't see why getting into the playoffs means you're successful. Other than in baseball, there are just too many teams "allowed" into the playoffs:

NHL 16 out of 30
NFL 12 out of 32
NBA 16 out of 30
MLB 8 out of 30.

In the four big sports 52 out of 122 teams make the playoffs - some of whom don't even have winning records. Take out baseball and you have 47.8% of the teams qualify for the postseason. If your team gets bumped in the first few rounds, you're just like the Detroit Lions without, of course, the benefit of a high draft pick. At least in baseball you have ot be the best of the non division winners, not just 8th worst overall.

What's the point of living and dying for six weeks as your team gets to the post season only to watch them lose in 1, 3 or 4 game sweeps depending on the sport? I'm sure the TV revenue is great, I'm sure the players get an extra check and the owners get some more cash, but the fan's season ends in crushing disappointment.

Personally, I'm glad the Packers have at least one more game to play, it makes the winter go a little faster knowing that Sunday afternoon, as the snow falls and it gets dark, I'll have something to watch, but if they lose on Sunday, I won't think the 11-5 season was a success. Yeah they improved, yeah Raji and Matthews look like great picks, but until they get to the Super Bowl, and be at least the best team in the conference, I won't call it a successful year. It's just too easy to make the playoffs, especially in the NFL where there are at least four teams in each conference that probably don't have a chance at the start of the year. Going out on a limb, in the NFC, I don't see the Rams, Seahawks, Lions or Buccaneers making it next year. So now the Packers have a 50-50 chance of making it in and we haven't finished this season yet.

So, if making the playoffs isn't good enough, why are we so darned happy that our team gets there, or am I totally missing the point?
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